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Seismic Observer

IndonesiaSeismic & ElectromagneticAugust 15, 20182 weeks

Looking for a temporary job as Seismic Observer in Indonesia? Atlas Professionals in Singapore, Singapore is always looking for new Seismic & Electromagnetic professionals. At the moment we have a vacancy for the position of Seismic Observer.

Seismic Observers

Seismic & Electromagnetic

Seismic Observers always in demand, particularly those with experience with the recording systems SEAL, ION DigiSTREAMER, TriAcq, VSO, gAS & NTRS2, controller systems such as GunLink 2000 & 4000, and in-sea equipment including DigiFIN, Nautilus and MonoWing. Both towed streamer and seabed OBC & OBN survey experience are of interest.