Electrical works manager

Job details

Job reference nr.:MV-074517
Discipline Category:Offshore Wind
Type of work:Permanent
Start date:June 4, 2018
Job location:Netherlands

Short summary

Atlas Professionals is specialized in Offshore Wind. At the moment we have an opening for the permanent position of Electrical works manager to work in the Netherlands. Interested in this permanent position? Let us know.

Job description


  • Responsibility for the on-time and cost-effective delivery as well as quality of the electrical infrastructure of Enercon wind farms starting from the planning phase up to the taking over by the customer.
  • Create customer offers (calculations) as well as bills of quantities and technical specifications for suppliers.
  • Plan and execute the above mentioned works in compliance with technical standards and electrical operating conditions of the grid operator.
  • Negotiate with sub-contractors.
  • Plan and coordinate the EW-work schedule (e.g. integration into the overall project plan); coordinate execution, takeover, commissioning and documentation (as-built-drawings).
  • Monitor costs for EW-works in cooperation with the PMC and PM-PC.
  • Regular reporting to the project manager (GPM)

Professional support to the Site Manager and subcontractors

  • Organise and coordinate processes during the connection and commissioning of the WEC in cooperation with the SM IW and/or ESC/Installation.
  • Organise compliance tests jointly with PM-EW-GS to check electro-technical parameters of the WF in relation to the grid code requirements.

Initiation and coordination of measures for project optimization in coordination with the GPM and stake holders.

  • Identify and check additional costs, downtimes and obstructions in the construction process jointly with the CM.
  • Check EW-works performed and adherence to requested quality
  • Eliminate remaining tasks promptly.

Supporting of the Commercial Department in contract  - and claim management

  • Align claims for compensation towards the customer and suppliers with PM-PC and/or the PMC

Customer contact person in terms of electrotechnical subjects throughout the complete project

Point of contact for customer, officials and consultants concerning EW-specific topics.


Supervision, approval and documentation of the electrical infrastructure according to quality standards and cost requirements

  • Check EW-works performed and adherence to requested quality.
  • Manage the ENERCON-internal taking over processes for the individual WEC from ESC/Installation, as well as the internal hand over process to ESC/Service
  • Compile EW-documentation in cooperation with PM-EW-Documentation.


  • Responsible for project compliance with relevant HSE standards
  • Ensure the specification and implementation of EW-works in accordance with HSE-requirements.

Immediately inform the HS Officer and the GPM in case of HSE-nonconformities.

Job requirements

Is required of / it:
- Electrical Equipment, electrical infrastructures;
- Project management;
- Techniques used by ENERCON and customers: joining techniques, machine, measuring, checking, and static methods;
- Internal company organization, processes, regulations, procedures and requirements regarding quality, safety and welfare.
- Application programs and business automation such as MS Office and SAP;
- Safety, health & safety, environmental and quality requirements.

Is required for:
- using a keyboard to enter and retrieve data; 
- performing MV switching operations

Framework/ Tasks

Realization of the electrical infrastructure of the wind park within the stated project and requirements in terms of quality and quantity. Working within available options and fixed structures, procedures, rules of the customer, the network operator and Enercon. Carries out assignments both from the (project) organization on location at / of the customer or network operator. Decide independently within the set framework which activities at what time and in what manner must be performed. Automatically determines at which moments consultations should take place with the various stakeholders. Anticipates, takes initiative and takes care solutions if problems arise in the execution of the work.

- Realization of the electrical infrastructure within the prescribed plan;
- Quality and quantity of the work;
- Control of the work;
- Timely detection and reporting of deviations from target and changes concerning already identified risks;
- Compliance with laws and regulations and generally accepted standards;
- Ensure compliance with the regulations.
Identify and check additional costs, downtimes and obstructions in the construction process jointly with the CM. Align claims for compensation towards the customer and suppliers with PM-PC and/or the PMC.

Occurs by/with:

- Site Manager Civil Works, Project Manager on the nature and progress of the work and any problems;
- Sales Manager, Project Manager for the purpose of setting up and discussing the project plan and schedule for the purpose of execution;
- Electrical Works Regional Manager, Project Manager for reporting on and discussing current activities, achievements and problems;
- Sales department for tender specifications, calculations and advice;
- Suppliers and subcontractors in negotiations electrical infrastructures;
- Customers about the progress of work and advice on electrical infrastructure control;
- Netaanbieders and nutsbedrijven/ utilities to discuss projects, advice on electrical infrastructure control, development of grid connections.

Oral communication skills in foreign languages

English and German is required for:

- Discussing the progress of the activities and in the event of any issues; 
- Ability to summarize meetings in English language
- Ability to understand project reporting in foreign languages

More info

Should you be interested in the position of Electrical works manager, please send your application via the apply button. For more information, please contact Marvin van Dijk, Coordinator Wind NL, Netherlands stating reference number MV-074517