Land Topo QC

Job details

Job reference nr.:GJ-063013
Discipline Category:Offshore Management & QC
Type of work:Temporary
Job duration:7 months
Schedule:4 Weeks On / 4 Weeks Off
Job location:Greece

Short summary

Our client is looking for a Land Topo QC for a 2D Seismic proejct. The job is based in Greece. Do you have the necessary skills? Contact our Offshore Management & QC team in Exeter, United Kingdom.

Job description

The candidate will be responsible to assist Lead QC in field supervising seismic contractor’s field operations regarding source and receiver positioning with the following responsibilities:
• Ensure the compliance of the contract signed between the seismic service company and client, mainly focused on surveying activities.
• Supervise that surveying operations are conducted in a safe and efficient manner, including but not limited to:
o Proper line clearance
o Transit along the line
o Correct equipment transportation
o Adequate conventional and GPS surveying procedures
o Proper equipment maintenance
o Advise on surveying crew competency and potential improvement areas or training needed
• Verifying proper flagging and numbering of the stations in the field are carried out.
• Assisting in monitoring line clearance work to ensure that all crew personnel have safe access to the seismic lines and that acceptable clearance lead is maintained.

• Assisting the main QC in the supervision of the seismic crew. Verify contractor´s logistics for surveying and support the planning activities as requested by the lead QC.
• Monitoring daily activity of the surveying crews in the field.
• Controlling and endorsing contractor´s daily reports (production, times, offsets, skips, problems) to ensure surveying activity is accurately reported.
• Supervising in the field, contractor`s proposal for line movements, offset proposal around obstacles.
• Supporting other departments (drilling, permit, HSE…) for offset / skip definition and implementation, as requested by the lead QC
• Conducting periodical and systematical equipment inspections. Review and cross check contractor´s inspections and audits. Review corrective actions and defect repair, including, but not limited to:
o Conventional equipment (Total stations, prisms, etc)
o GPS equipment (receivers, antennas, cables)
• Communicating and coordinating with seismic QC and infield QC assistant about actual receivers and sources locations, compared to planned ones.
• Generating a daily file that contains the locations qc’ed and any remarkable comment related to them and sending it to client Geophysical Operations EMEA department. Including photos and GPS positions.
• Generating a weekly report with the activities carried out during the week including examples, problems arisen, solutions implemented, further concerns and look ahead activities for the following week.
• Visiting places where there is any concern about stations locations after infield geometry QC.
• Participating in periodic safety meetings with Seismic Contractor’s personnel.
• Advising Company of any infractions of safety standards and assist (if required) in investigation of any accident or near-miss.
• Ensuring that all working practices are according to the environmental plan defined for this survey
• Assisting the lead QC in the preparation of a comprehensive and fully documented independent report on Seismic Contractor’s surveying performance on completion of project. (Final Report).
• Ensuring that all information is passed seamless and with sufficient overlap during handover to back to back personnel and lead QC.

Job requirements

Appropriate technical qualifications and experience in surveying supervision are required, including but not limited to:
• BSc in Topography, Geodesy or equivalent qualification.
• At least 2 years of experience as a surveyor/surveying supervisor.
• Participation in similar projects in the past (mountainous areas…), preferably in the area. Previous experience in seismic projects is desirable.

More info

Should you be interested in the position of Land Topo QC, please send your application via the apply button. For more information, please contact Grant Johnston, Business Manager – Offshore Management & QC in Bristol, United Kingdom stating reference number GJ-063013

Contact Person

Grant JohnstonBusiness Manager – Offshore Management & QC