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Search and find the best job opportunities in the Energy & Marine industry. The Energy & Marine industry is uniquely innovative and dynamic. A global arena built on the talents and ambitions of true specialists whose expertise drives the industry forward. Every day, our clients entrust us with complex recruitment tasks that cross oceans and borders. All our enquiries are automatically published on our website. This means we are able to provide you an up-to-date and real-time overview of all the positions we're currently recruiting for.
We focus on 12 distinct markets: Seismic & Electromagnetic, Offshore Survey & Construction, ROV, Marine Environmental, Offshore Management & QC, Offshore Wind & Subsea Cables, Drilling & Well Services, Discipline Engineering & Project Controls, Production & Maintenance, Platforms & Jack Ups, Dredging & Offshore and Merchant Shipping. Each discipline category allows you to drill down to find the right type of job, such as working in offshore survey & construction as a data processor, making it easier for you for find the job you want.
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