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Customer Service Representative

NetherlandsOperations & MaintenanceMarch 2, 2020

We are looking for a Customer Service Representative for the tank terminal: Euro tank Amsterdam (ETA).

Eurotank Amsterdam B.V. (“ETA”) is part of the VTTI group, an independent provider of energy storage worldwide. Within the energy trading sector, VTTI is a critical link in a complex supply chain. Through their global network of terminals, they enable safe, fast, flexible and reliable product flows, helping their customers to achieve maximum value and to capitalise on opportunities.

ETA is a dynamic player in Northern Europe’s terminal infrastructure, with 210 tanks, 11 jetties and over 1.3 million m3 of product storage capacity. They specialise in complex blending, and serve the gasoline needs of diverse global markets.

With sophisticated terminal capabilities, their Customer Service department fulfils a unique advisory role in meeting the needs of their customers. The Customer Service Manager leads a team of customer service representatives/planners and two customs declarants. The department maintains constant and close contact with the customer in the preparatory (planning), execution (order) and settlement (admin) phase of the process. And because their customers operate 24x7x365, so do they: they can rely on ETA’s support day and night, all year.