Marine Environmental Draughtsman jobs

Find the latest jobs in Marine Environmental on Atlas Professionals. Our in-house environmental support team in Spain is specialised in the provision of Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) personnel for visual observations and Passive Acoustic Monitoring PAM equipment and personnel for acoustic observations during seismic surveys. We mostly work with environmental specialists for the following positions: Environmentalist, Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO), Marine Mammal Observer & Seabird Observer (MMSO), Marine Mammal Observer (MMO), Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operator, Protected Species Observer (PSO) and more.

Construction Shop Drawing Draftsman

SingaporeManagement & QC, Marine EnvironmentalMay 1, 2021

Our client is looking for a Construction Shop Drawing Draftsman. The job is based in Singapore. Do you have the necessary skills? Contact our team in Singapore.