Operator / Mechanic jobs in Europe


NetherlandsOperations & MaintenanceJanuary 31, 2020

The Operator Mechanic functions both as an operator and as a mechanic. The Operator will be deployed on our satellites and on our main complexes. On a satellite, the production process consists of separating and drying gas in accordance with specifications. Compression is also needed for the gas to be transported. This processing is controlled from the central control room on the main platform. The Operator carries out the requisite measures to ensure undisrupted production, partly as instructed by or in consultation with the Team Leader and/or Operator. 

Mechanics perform work in their field of expertise in the production and other systems on the platforms and satellites. The most essential equipment in the production process is installed in duplicate. Parts are repaired to a limited extent in the offshore workshop. The mechanics can turn to the senior mechanic for support, who in turn can consult with the engineers onshore and external specialists from supplier organizations.