Seismic jobs

Navigator Operator /Shift Leader

BrazilSeismicJanuary 7, 2021

We are looking for experienced Seismic Navigators living in Brazil (Brazilian Nationals / Brazil Residents) 
Operator and/or Shift Leader positions. 
If you are interested, pls get in touch and upload your latest CV on your Atlas Profile. 

Party Manager

BrazilSeismicDecember 22, 2020

Looking for a temporary job as Party Chief/Manager in Brazil? Atlas Professionals in Vic, Spain is always looking for new Seismic professionals. At the moment we have a vacancy for the position of Party Manager.
Must be Brazilian National / Brazilian Resident

Chief Navigator

BrazilSeismicDecember 22, 2020

Are you looking for the next frontier in Seismic? We are recruiting for the position of Seismic Navigator right now for work in Brazil. 
Must be Brazilian Nationals / Brazilians Residents. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Gun Mechanic Op

BrazilSeismicDecember 22, 2020

Atlas Professionals is specialised in Seismic. At the moment we have an opening for the temporary position of Gun Mechanic Op to work in Brazil. Interested in this temporary position? Let us know.
Must be Brazilian National / Brazilian Resident

Seismic Navigators

International WatersSeismicJuly 30, 2021

Seismic Navigators always in demand, particularly those with experience in SeaPro Nav and Orca, but other systems also relevant including TriNav, Spectra, Gator and TriggerFish. Also desirable are navigation processing skills in Sprint and SeaPro Resolve. Both towed streamer and seabed OBC & OBN survey experience are of interest.

Seismic Observers

International WatersSeismic

Seismic Observers always in demand, particularly those with experience with the recording systems SEAL, ION DigiSTREAMER, TriAcq, VSO, gAS & NTRS2, controller systems such as GunLink 2000 & 4000, and in-sea equipment including DigiFIN, Nautilus and MonoWing. Both towed streamer and seabed OBC & OBN survey experience are of interest.


International WatersSeismic

We are sourcing Geophysicists with experience working on seismic vessels in QC and processing. Those with 3D processing experience using Viper, Geovation, ProMax and Globe Claritas are of particular interest.

Seismic Coxswains

International WatersSeismic

Seismic Coxswains with workboat experience, particularly those with appropriate coxswain certification and significant experience in seismic operations piloting Norpower and Westplast seismic workboats.

Gun Mechanics


Air Gun Mechanics always in demand. Should have appropriate experience with the configuration, operation and maintenance of seismic mechanical equipment, particularly high pressure air guns (Bolt LL and G Guns), compressors, hydraulic systems, lifting and towing appliances, cables, deflectors, buoys and ropes.