Jobs in South Korea

Data Processor

South KoreaSurveySeptember 8, 20226 weeks

Are you looking for the next frontier in Survey? We are recruiting for the position of Data Processor right now. Upload your CV for the recruiters in Newquay, United Kingdom to review.


South KoreaSurveySeptember 8, 20226 weeks

Atlas Professionals is looking for professionals to work as Geophysicist with one of the clients of the office in Newquay, United Kingdom. It’s a temporary position in South Korea. Do you have the necessary experience?


South KoreaSurveySeptember 8, 20225 weeks

Looking for a Senior Surveyor and Surveyor onboard the R/V Jang Yeong Sil vessel in South Korea to join 8th Sept for 5/6 weeks work, in a 5-6 month rotation