Temporary Engineer jobs in America

Diesel Engine Specialist

BrazilOperations & MaintenanceAugust 15, 2022

Looking for a temporary job as Engineer in Brazil? Atlas Professionals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is always looking for new Operations & Maintenance professionals. At the moment we have a vacancy for the position of Diesel Engine Specialist.

Asset Operations Engineer

BrazilEngineering & Project Controls, Management & QCAugust 8, 2022

Are you looking for the next frontier in Engineering & Project Controls;Management & QC? We are recruiting for the position of Engineer right now. Upload your CV for the recruiters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to review.

SCADA Engineers Representative

United StatesEngineering & Project Controls, RenewablesSeptember 22, 2022

Atlas Professionals is looking for SCADA Engineers Representative. Should you be interested, please apply below.

Senior SCADA Engineer

United StatesEngineering & Project Controls, Renewables> 1 year

Atlas Professionals is specialised in Engineering & Project Controls;Renewables. At the moment we have an opening for the temporary position of Senior SCADA Engineer to work in United States. Interested in this temporary position? Let us know.