Temporary SCADA Engineer jobs in Europe

SCADA Engineer Representative

GermanyRenewablesSeptember 1, 2022> 1 year

Join us in this role where you’ll work with a team of engineers to advance the work with implementation and commissioning of wind farm automation and communication systems, and where your on-site experience is key to ensure that the complete automation delivery aligns with specifications, quality and are commissioned on time.

You’ll be part of a SCADA project team where you, together with your colleagues, will ensure commissioning of the systems in scope. The ideal candidate has a technical understanding of the scope, works proactively, adapts to external factors and internal guidance, understand the importance of representing back office engineers on site and step in to support where needed.

SCADA Cables Engineer

DenmarkRenewables> 1 year

Atlas Professionals is looking for professionals to work as SCADA Cables Engineer with one of the clients of the office in Bristol, United Kingdom. It’s a temporary position in Denmark. Do you have the necessary experience?

SCADA Network Engineer

DenmarkRenewables> 1 year

Our client is looking for a SCADA Network Engineer. The job is based in Europe. Do you have the necessary skills? Contact our Renewables team in Bristol, United Kingdom.