Operator/E&I Technician

Job details

Job reference nr.:QV-097730
Discipline Category:Production & Maintenance
Type of work:Permanent
Start date:October 1, 2019
Job location:Netherlands

Short summary

The Operator E&I Technician will perform both operator-related and technician-related work. The Operator will be deployed on our satellites and on main complexes. On a satellite, the production process consists of separating and drying gas in accordance with specifications. Compression is also needed for the gas to be transported. This processing is controlled from the central control room on the main platform. The Operator carries out the requisite measures to ensure undisrupted production, partly as instructed by or in consultation with the Team Leader E&I and/or Operator.

E&I Technicians perform tasks in the domain of electrical energy provision (on-board energy generation installation, high-voltage installation), electro-technical components and instrumentation control (central and local process control systems) on the various production and general installations on our platforms and satellites. We also have specialist electronic measuring equipment and calibration devices. The E&I Technicians are supported by engineers onshore and external specialists from supplier organisations.

Job description

Main Duties

Compliance with regulations 

- complying with the applicable legislation and regulations regarding safety (including electrical work),
occupational health and safety, the environment, the mining act and the procedures and regulations 
in the operations manual
- being aware of and attentive to possible health and safety and environmental risks and as such
complying strictly with established procedures, rules and regulations

Gas production achieved
- ensuring an uninterrupted production process on the satellite (separation, drying, compression) in
accordance with the applicable specifications
- checking the progress and quality of the production process on the basis of alarm signals, process
control panels and visual observations
- taking samples and performing standard analyses
- identifying shortcomings and establishing corrective measures in consultation with the Operator
- adjusting production installations, carrying out repairs, exchanging components, deploying reserve
equipment, using a range of manual tools
- giving instructions to contractors 

On-the-job safety ensured 

- ensuring that tasks are performed safely by using the safe work permit system, in the interest of
safeguarding staff safety
- preparing the activities to be performed by third parties, in order to create a safe working situation 

- taking measures to exclude or minimize risks

- ensuring the observance of rules and protocols during work, taking corrective measures where

risks are foreseen
- supervising third parties when they work on our installations

Preventive maintenance carried out and malfunctions resolved in the E&I domain 

- carrying out preventive maintenance and resolving malfunctions in the E&I domain
- carrying out repair work by established working methods and resources, judging the need for
support and expertise from other specialisms
- carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance following protocols and guidelines 

- localizing malfunctions and their causes on the basis of indications, notifications and proactive

- resolving malfunctions and carrying out repairs; performing start-ups and test runs

- setting, operating and adjusting equipment, using repair and maintenance tools

 Works logged 
- logging production data, works performed, time taken and materials used

Job requirements


Dedication & commitment 
Able to take on assignments and duties, show commitment and goodwill to achieve set goals, and seek alternatives.

Able to achieve consistent quality, detect problems and make adjustments within permitted norms. Able to anticipate problems and recognise hidden defects.

Order, tidiness and safety
Attentive and careful in complying with rules and regulations regarding order, tidiness and safety.

Able to collaborate with others towards a common purpose.

Carrying out routine tasks without help or guidance, organising activities reasonably effectively.

Required qualifications and experience 

The knowledge and experience requirements have been determined by the company.

Operational and conceptual level
Senior secondary vocational education and training (MBO) level 3 or higher

Education and experience
- Petroleum, gas and maintenance technology, Process Operator B (Vapro). 
- Experience as an operator in the petrochemical industry. 
- Several years of experience as SWTK or MAROF. 
- Technical vocational education and training (MTS) in electrical engineering or energy technology. 
- Supplementary training courses in process control engineering. 
- Experience of energy generation, process control engineering and electro-technical installations. 
- Experience of DCS systems and PLCs (with energy generation from diesel motors and turbines), 
electric switching, reading P&IDs, ESD systems, and fire and gas detection systems.
- Excellent communication skills both written and verbal in Dutch and English.

More info

Should you be interested in the position of Operator/E&I Technician, please send your application via the apply button. For more information, please contact Quinten Van Beest, Account Manager - Production and Maintenance in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands stating reference number QV-097730

Contact Person

Quinten Van BeestAccount Manager - Production and Maintenance