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Job reference nr.:SL-113964
Job category:Management & QC, Renewables
Type of work:Temporary
Start date:April 1, 2021
Job duration:> 1 year
Schedule:6 Days On / 1 Day Off
Job location:Taiwan

Short summary

We are looking for a Quality Inspector Offshore for

Yunlin project

  • 1x Quality Inspector Offshore in a 6-2 rotation. When professional doesn’t want to work in this rotation then they are in need for 2 professionals with a 6-6 rotation – starting date April

Formosa 2

  • 2-3x Quality Inspectors Pre – Assembly, 6/6 rotation, 1 FTE to start per month, the first to start in March, then April and 3rd in May
  • 2-3 Quality Inspectors Offshore commissioning, 6/2 or 6/6 rotation, first one to start 20.04.21 and second 18.05.21

Job description

Dimension of function
The Quality Inspector is responsible for executing the following key activities;
· Quality Inspections and verifications
· Assessment of workmanship practices (when performed) to verify and ensure quality levels
· Quality reporting
· Reporting and investigation of non-conformances-
· Supporting the site organisation in use of the non-conformance system.
· Management of non-conformance workflows and records
· Receipt and verification of as-built quality documentation
Maintenance of turbine traceability within the pre-assembly, installation and commissioning phases

Areas of Responsibility:
· EHS: With reference to the Wind Power EHS Roles & Responsibilities Booklet the Quality Inspector All
Employees should be constantly aware of their responsibilities for ensuring a workplace where EHS is
the top priority. They should engage with both Line Managers and the EHS Team to ensure that, where
practicable, they are familiar with the Siemens EHS management system. Additionally, the Quality
Inspector must ensure that all non-conformances identified with a potential or actual EHS impact are
managed in accordance with process and notified to the EHS organisation for control and mitigation.
· Quality Inspections: Quality inspections must be performed in accordance with SWP (and project
contractual) requirements as documented within the Project Quality Plan (PQP) and relevant Inspection
and Test Plans (ITPs). Quality Inspections typically cover delivery inspections, pre-assembly
walkdowns, pre-assembly final walkdowns, mechanical walkdowns and final walkdowns. Where defined
in the PQP the inspections will be conducted in conjunction with customer and SWP Service personnel.
· In addition to standard inspections the Quality Inspector will execute the reference turbine process at
site level
· Non-conformance management: The Quality Inspector will assist the QMiP in ensuring that the project
site team is aware of their responsibilities in reporting and responding to non-conformances, providing
support where required.
· The Quality Inspector will ensure that all non-conformances are reported in the non-conformance
system (including findings) databases and executes the day to day management of non-conformance
workflows to closure. Physical product nonconformances reported as having been closed should be
reinspected for verification of closure.
· The QI will support the QMiP, TPM and EMiP (as appropriate) in performing technical investigations and
root cause analysis of non-conformances.
· Documentation & traceability: The Quality Inspector will ensure that the site scope as-built (quality)
documentation is provided and verified before being uploaded to the system. In addition to this, the
Quality Inspector will ensure that the traceability of the turbine, is maintained at all times when being
processed through the project scope, by ensuring the completion of traceability checklists, component
checklists, construction schedules etc
· Continuous Improvement: The Quality Inspector should ensure that findings from walkdowns and
other inspections / assessments are communicated and documented, with corrective and preventative
actions, as lessons learned to site personnel, with the aim of ensuring a continuing improving trend in
the non-conformance profile of the project.
· The Quality Inspector should ensure that all personnel on the project receive an induction highlighting
their responsibilities and obligations regarding quality.
Profile: EHS Advisor Offshore Project Procurement Page 2 of 2
· Quality Reporting: The Quality Inspector will report quality activities and performance to site
management and the QMiP as documented within the PQP and otherwise required
· Authorization: Intervention and escalation to reporting line (QMiP) in functional matters where
guidelines, quality-relevant procedures or targets are not complied with. This includes involvement of
expert opinions as necessary.
· Implement stops in proceedings, supplies and services in close collaboration with Site Management and
QMiP as documented within the PQP and otherwise required

Job requirements

· Technical education with experience from the Wind industry. CTC or Service Level 7 as entry level to
QA Inspector Role
· Experience from the construction industry and experience with dealing with subcontractors.
· The ability to work within a process environment, process improvement and to promote a healthy and
safe working environment.
· Experience in managing and leading site teams as well as subcontractors.
· Experience in working within a multicultural environment.

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Sheryn LeePersonnel Coordinator